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Short, focused guides to some of JavaScript's coolest modern features.

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The Guides

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  1. Dates & Times. How to work with times and dates in JavaScript.
  2. The FormData API. An easier way to serialize and modify form field values.
  3. The URL & URLSearchParams APIs. How to create, parse, and encode URLs and query string parameters.
  4. Proxies. How to detect when the value of an array or object changes and react to it.
  5. The Intersection Observer API. A modern way to watch elements and do stuff when they enter or leave the viewport.
  6. The Internationalization API. Convert strings, dates, and numbers into location-formatted strings.
  7. Dialog Modals (preorder). How to create interactive, accessible pop-up modals.
  8. Ditching JS (preorder). Modern HTML and CSS techniques that you can use to replace JavaScript entirely.
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